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Temenos Core Banking Solutions Support

Exploring and delivering new potentials in Temenos T24 to our clients ACS along with its partners offers a comprehensive suite of services to support banks and financial institutions in the region to leverage best value out of their core banking systems and environment.

Why choose us when it comes to Temenos T24 Implementation ?

Temenos T24 is a back end core banking system. It is one of the most widely deployed software, globally.OTAP has core expertise on the T24 application, for consultancy and testing services, covering greenfield implementations, release upgrades, and enhancements.

Check out our services

Impressive Banking Clientele

We serve seven large banks across five countries and two continents

Expertise in T24

We boast a huge years of cumulative team experience in Temenos T24 Implementation.

Onshore T24 Experience

Our team has extensive experience of working from onshore client sites in three major countries of Africa

Value Added Products

LENOSTAR has developed an array of value added BI and Monitoring tools to compliment the capabilities of Temenos T24.

Center of Excellence

Our offshore COE provides T24 users expert desk of consultants and help the manage their cost of deliveries.

Full Cycle T24 Implementation

Our highly skilled team has extensive experience in end to end T24 implementation. Along with a local partner, we have supported a full cycle T24 implementation.

Core Banking Services

LENOSTAR TECHNOLOTIES has many years of experience in Temenos T24 Core Banking software implementation and support. The accumulated insight, our customer-focused development practice, and our Temenos-certified business and technical consultants are all integral part of the full range of high-quality Temenos T24 services we provide.
LENOSTAR TECHNOLOTIES covers the full range of Temenos T24 Core Banking services from requirement specification to development and deployment including support and operation.

Onsite Competence

Business consultancy
Technical Consultancy
Release Management
1st line support
Environment management

Offsite Competence

Business consultancy
Technical Consultancy
Quality Assurance
Release Management
1st line support
2nd line support
Temenos correspondence
Environment Management
Operation (COB/Online)
Preventive Support